Scrum Master Certification Practice Test Questions - 2022
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This has questions with answers and explanations, that prepare you to answer questions in professional scrum Master certification assessments of leading organizations.

This is a shorter version of our course “480 Questions: Scrum Master Certification & 2 Practice Tests” and these questions are part of “Practice Tests - Scrum Master Certification Assessments”

This is newly built based on the recent changes and latest version of The Scrum Guide .

If you have already enrolled in one of these two courses, this will be a repetition for you. This is a shorter version of the other courses for those who love short and sweet versions.

This is presented in a video format. You can even listen to this on the move. Each question is read out clearly, with answer options, correct answer and an explanation.

This is newly built based on the recent changes and latest version of The Scrum Guide.

This course is designed for those who are taking professional scrum master certification assessments, but these are also useful for all those who what to learn Professional scrum master role in Scrum or preparing for interviews.

Basic knowledge of Scrum Framework and Product Owner Role required to take up these tests. It is recommended to read The Scrum Guide  before taking these tests. Scrum Guide is available at scrumguides org

Course Introduction

Questions 1 to 5 with explanations

Questions 6 to 10 with explanations

Questions 11 to 15 with explanations

Questions 16 to 20 with explanations

Questions 21 to 25 with explanations

More Questions (25) with explanations