Scrum with Kanban Certification: 270 Questions, Explanations - Video
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270 Practice Questions with Answers and Explanations for Professional Scrum™ With Kanban (PSK) Certification assessment

This has 270 questions with answers and explanations, that prepare you to answer questions in Professional Scrum™ with Kanban certification assessments of leading organizations.

This is newly built based on the recent changes and latest version of The Scrum Guide.

This is designed for those who are taking Professional Scrum™ with Kanban certification assessments, but these are also useful for all those who what to learn use of Kanban practices in Scrum or preparing for interviews.

Basic knowledge of Scrum Framework and Kanban practices are required to take up these tests. It is recommended to read the latest version of “The Scrum Guide” and “Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams” before taking these questions.

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Course Introduction

Questions 1 to 45 with explanations

Questions 46 to 90 with explanations

Questions 91 to 135 with explanations

Questions 136 to 180 with explanations

Questions 181 to 225 with explanations

Questions 226 to 270 with explanations