User Stories: Managing User Stories in Scrum Framework
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This course discuss how user stories are handled in scrum framework.

This course discuss topics including, User Story Mapping, Techniques for Creating, Splitting/breaking down, Ordering, Estimating user stories, Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, etc.

A user story is a requirement written in an end-user perspective. A user story describes functionality that will be valuable to either a user or purchaser of a system or software. These are written in the perspective of customer. It reflects what customer expect from or want to do with the product.

Updated as per the latest Scrum Guide. We have updated the course content as per the changes made in the latest version of the scrum Guide(TM)

This course has some common modules/sessions with our other courses Agile Requirements: Managing Requirements in Scrum Framework and Scrum Product Owner: Agile Product Ownership with Scrum. And also a few topics from our scrum training.

We will start with the basics. Then there will be a details discussion on user stories, acceptance criteria, definition of ready for a user story, definition of done for a user story etc.

Then there will be a detailed discussion on different methods of maintaining the user stories. We will discuss, user story mapping, different approaches for breaking down the epics or user stories, different methods used for prioritizing etc.

User Story Basics


    User Stories

    Acceptance Criteria

    Definition of Ready

    Definition of Done


Managing User Stories

    User Story mapping

    Splitting user stories

    Ordering Backlog Items

    Release Planning

Additional Lecture: Scrum Overview