Agile Requirements: Managing Requirements in Scrum Framework
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This book discusses how requirements are handled in scrum framework. This book starts with discussions on agile software development and scrum framework. Then it moves to a detailed discussion on requirements.

This book is helpful for anyone who is associated with agile software development or anyone who wish to learn how requirements are managed in agile software development using Scrum framework.

A basic knowledge of software development is helpful. This book, in the first session covers the basics of Agile software development and Scrum framework.

This book covers all major aspects of managing requirements in agile software development using Scrum framework. The book starts with product vision, then a detailed discussion on product backlog and user stories. It covers estimation methods used in agile.

Then there is a quick discussion on collecting requirements and a discussion with example on user story mapping. It covers with examples, many techniques for breaking down the user stories. It covers a few methods for ordering/prioritizing product backlog items.

In the final session discusses different prescribed events and activities in scrum, that processes these requirements.


About this book


Agile & Scrum Basics

  Agile Software Development

    Iterative Development

    Incremental Development

    Self-organizing teams

    Cross-functional teams

    Adaptive Planning

    Benefits of Agile

    Key differences between the agile & traditional methods

    Disadvantages of Agile model

    Waterfall over Agile

  Scrum Framework

    Empirical process control theory

    Scrum Values

    Definition of Scrum

    Roles defined in Scrum

    Scrum Framework

Managing Requirements in Scrum

  Requirements Basics

    Traditional vs Agile

    Product vision

    Product Backlog

    User Story

    Epics & Themes


    Acceptance Criteria

    Definition of Ready

    Definition of Done


  Managing Requirements

    Collecting Requirements

    User Story Mapping

    Splitting User Stories

    Prioritizing Backlog Items

    Release Planning

  Requirements During Scrum Events

    Product Backlog Refinement

    The Sprint

    Sprint Planning

    Daily Scrum

    Sprint Review

    Sprint Retrospective