Agile & Scrum: Interview Preparation with Questions, Answers
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This course introduces Agile and discuss the Scrum Framework in detail. We approach this course based on Interview Questions. A number of interview questions with answers on each topic are covered as part of this course

Updated as per the latest Scrum Guide. We have updated the course content as per the changes made in the latest version of the scrum Guide(TM).

This will make the Professional better prepared for interviews for Scrum roles. 

Please note: our course "Agile & Scrum Training" has most of the contents from this course.
Agile Software Development

Agile Manifesto and Principles

Agile Methodologies

    Scrum (Quick visit)

    Kanban (Quick visit)

    Extreme Programming (XP) (Quick visit)

Scrum Framework

    Scrum Basics

    Scrum Framework

    Social Contract


    User Stories

    Product Backlog

    Backlog Refinement


    Relative Estimation

    Story Points

    Planning Poker



    Release Planning

    Sprint Planning

    Sprint Backlog

    Daily Scrum

Scrum Events


    Sprint Planning

    Daily Scrums

    Sprint Review

    Sprint Retrospective

Scrum Roles

    Product Owner

    Development Team

    Scrum Master

Agile Monitoring


    Sprint Burndown chart

    Release Burndown Chart

    Release Burnup Chart

    Impediment List

Topic Artifacts are discussed in detail as part of other modules.