Agile Transformation: with an Agile Coaching Mindset
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Leading Agile Transformation: with an Agile Coaching Mindset

This book introduces a step by step approach for Agile Transformation.

   A Step by Step approach for transforming teams to Agile ways of working

   ""To the point"" - less duration, more value

Updated as per the latest version of The Scrum Guide. We have updated the course content as per the changes made in the latest version of the scrum Guide(TM).

Coaching, Agile Coaching, Transformation, Agile Transformation, Agile Coach, Transformation Coach…. Lots of combinations we hear in everyday life. We are discussing about agile transformation here.

The approach we follow in this training is “Agile Transformation with an Agile Coaching Mindset”.

The word agile is repeated here. The first “Agile” represents two concepts. First, we are transforming to agile ways of working and second this transformation itself done in an agile way. The second Agile is used as an attribute of Coaching, coaching with an agile approach.


Introduction: Agile Transformation

Step 1: Understand the Organization, Culture and Practices

Step 2: Understand the drivers and set goals

Step 3: Define Road map

Step 4: Make Agile visible

Step 5: Agile training

Step 6: Align Organization structure and high-level processes

Step 7: Start with Agile Practices

Step 8: Team level transformation

Step 9: Inspect and Adapt