Fundamentals Of Agile Software Development
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Fundamentals Of Agile Software Development. This gives all required basic knowledge on agile software development.

This is a good starting point or a quick refresher on Agile.

Updated as per the latest version of The Scrum Guide. We have updated the course content as per the changes made in the latest version of the scrum Guide(TM)

Agile Fundamentals, Agile Manifesto and Principles, Overview of Agile Approaches, Frameworks.

This course explains the fundamentals of Agile Software Development.  This training is designed to provide some basic information on agile software development, a discussion on agile manifesto and principles and an overview of different Agile approaches.

This course is for anyone who want to learn or expand their knowledge on Agile Software Development. Anyone associated with, planning to get involved in or interested in learning more about Agile software development can use this course.

This course is complied with a subset of lessons from our scrum training, i.e.  Agile & Scrum Training and Agile & Scrum: Interview Preparation with Questions, Answers

Agile Software Development

Agile Manifesto and Principles

Agile Methodologies



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