Product Owner Training: Agile Product Ownership with Scrum
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Detailed training for Product Owner Role in Agile software development with Scrum.

This book discusses different responsibilities and activities performed by product Owners, a quick discussion on Product Owner skills and a detailed discussion on different techniques used by Product Owners in managing requirements during Agile software development using Scrum.

This book covers all major aspects of managing requirements in agile software development using Scrum framework. Learn how to create and maintain user stories, user story mapping, breaking, ordering etc. How Prescribed events and activities in scrum  processes these requirements.

This book is for anyone who wish to learn about “Product Ownership” in Agile software development. This book is helpful for anyone who is playing the role of product owner in agile software development or anyone who wish to become a product owner in agile software development using Scrum framework.

A basic knowledge of software development is helpful in taking this book. This book, in the first sessions has a detailed discussion on Agile software development and Scrum framework.

The book starts with topics on Agile software development and Scrum framework. Then it discusses the Product Owner role, activities and skills.

Then there is a detailed discussion on managing requirements, which is one of the main responsibilities of a Product Owner. This includes topics like, writing User Stories, User Story Mapping, Methods for splitting and ordering User Stories, Release planning, etc.

In the last module there is a discussion on Product Owner role during prescribed events in Scrum.

The book ends with a summary of the discussion using a simple image of scrum framework.

This book has some common modules or sessions with our other books "User Stories: Managing User Stories in Scrum Framework" and  "Agile Requirements: Managing Requirements in Scrum Framework". Also a few topics from our scrum training.

Updated as per the latest Scrum Guide. We have updated the book content as per the changes made in the latest version of the scrum Guide(TM)

Agile Software Development

Scrum Framework

Product Owner Role

    The Product Owner

    Product Owner Activities

    Product Owner Skills


PO: Managing Requirements


    Product Vision

    User Stories

    Product backlog

    Writing user stories

    User Story mapping

    Splitting user stories

    Ordering Backlog Items

    Acceptance Criteria, DoR, DoD

    Release Planning

PO Role in Scrum Events