Scrum Master Certification: 501 Questions with Answers & Explanations
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This book has 501 questions for scrum master certifications. Questions range from basic to expert level and explanations are given while reviewing the answers. This is the first book in the series.

Each page has only one question and the correct answer with explanation is given on the next page. This make it easy for you to answer yourself before reviewing the correct answer.

If you are looking for a real test experience, please refer to the end of this book. We have included details and discount codes for the online version of these tests. Course links are available at as well.

Knowledge of Scrum is desirable for taking this. Practice tests are based on Scrum as defined in The Scrum Guide™.

This will make the student better prepared Scrum Master certifications and interviews for Scrum roles. Questions and explanations are based on Scrum as defined in The Scrum Guide™. This is helpful for any Professional appearing for Scrum Master Certifications and Interviews.

501 questions for scrum master certifications with answers and detailed explanations