Scrum Tales: Stories from a Scrum Master's Diary
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Welcome to the journey of Scrum through real life scenarios.

Experience Scrum with practical scenarios. This book captures 6 scenarios, stories from Scrum teams. Gain more confidence in facing scenario bases questions on scrum. Each scenario is analyzed within the Scrum framework. A new perspective, a better understanding of scrum in practice.

Scrum is a lightweight framework that is easy to understand but difficult to master. The journey from understanding Scrum to mastering it is interesting. We experiment and learn at every step of this journey. We will be debunking many myths at various stages of this journey. We will learn not only from our experiences but also from the experiences of others. We will encounter numerous interesting scenarios during this journey, which have served as learning opportunities; this book captures 6 such scenarios.

These scenarios are small incidents, comments, and perceptions, picked up from their place of origin. Each scenario is analysed within the Scrum framework. 

A basic knowledge of Scrum is desirable, before taking this course.  

This is not an end to end scrum training. Instead this concentrate on scenarios from scrum implementations and discussion around it.


Scrum Tales: Stories From a Scrum Master’s Diary

    Scenario 1: Keep it Visible

    Scenario 2: Nothing More, Nothing Less

    Scenario 3: Time to Deliver

    Scenario 4: The Plan that Emerges

    Scenario 5: It is Our Plan

    Scenario 6: The Magical 15 Minutes